Danders Wake is raising money to build a new planet. The current world is evolving him out—of his home, his job, his religion, his marriage, and even his dream of inventing the world’s first pay-for-toilet business, Swanktrines.

At first the fundraiser is just a ruse. Now that his wife has gone missing and there’s no one left to tend to her charities or the Sinks, a near-mythical tribe of traveling do-gooders, Wake just wants to get his hands on his rightful inheritance, which is stuck in escrow to ensure he doesn’t sink it into his toilet business. Yet, amidst cults masquerading as charities and a growing paranoia about the safety of this strange new world, what begins as a farce suddenly escalates into a very real crusade to save the world. Here unravels the grander goal of a man fighting for hope over hopelessness and a quest to save a civilization that refuses to set aside its differences and distractions in order to save itself from itself.

Told by the wry members of a government agency known as Division, STRANGE BOAT offers a literary and comic take on our culture’s fascination for space travel, escapism and, most of all, survival.


When flight AW2921 crashes into the Hudson River and all 162 passengers survive, it’s a Monday morning miracle. What the rapturous public doesn’t know: the whole thing was staged as a last-ditch attempt at resurrecting the Air Wanderlust stock price.

Captain Hank Swagger piloted the miracle plane into the river. Disgraced TV news anchor Lucy Springer was “luckily” the only reporter on board, and the first to capture the story. Con man Normal Fulk recently faked his own death to escape the consequences of his barely legal career as a celebrity semen trafficker. Toting his last big score—the “John Lennon”—Normal has to leave it behind on the sinking plane or risk being identified and arrested.

In the aftermath of the crash and the chaotic week that follows, Lucy, Normal, and Captain Swagger are all about to discover what it means to be at the center of a miracle that is anything but.

“Relentlessly inventive. . . . Beneath the snappy dialogue and quirky plot twists, Methven is posing a profound question: What happens when a country can no longer live up to its own mythos? . . . Methven keeps the plot humming, all the way to the sticky end. He's an exciting new voice.” — The Boston Globe


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I live in New York City with my wife and sons. My work has appeared in Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency, The New York Times, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, Buzzfeed, New York Observer, Daily Beast, The Morning News, n+1 and The Awl. I am the author of two novels: THIS IS YOUR CAPTAIN SPEAKING (2012) and STRANGE BOAT (2016).

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